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SFFS Snippet, March 31–TRIAD goodness!

Today I have a snippet from the science fiction novel TRIAD.  Catava is one of the three women the story is named for, and she has gathered the remains of her colony and come home, essentially hat in hand, to try to retake her old place. The man she loved has been killed; she has taken his orphaned children in to care for them.

Catava studied the brown-haired boy who had shared her last six months. “No, sweet. Your parents have gone on to a better place.”

The boy’s hazel eyes, Luca’s eyes, seemed to pierce her. “But you said this a better place. You said it safe and warm. You said.”

She fumbled with the literal-mindedness of small children. “It’s true, I did.”

He waited, watching her. Catava glanced at Suzi, and found her also watching, wide-eyed. “They’re gone. They passed on.” She spoke firmly, watching the flicker in Chad’s eyes. “They won’t come back, sweet. There is nowhere you can find them, not in this life.”

A tear ran down Suzi’s cheek and her little spoon shook in her hand. Catava reached out to pat her arm softly. “But I’m here. Momma Cat will care for you always, I promise.”

Chad appeared unmoved. “When I’m dead, too, then I see them?”

Learn more about TRIAD at the tab above; Check out more exciting snippets at the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday page!


Live blogging 2 from the Author’s Fair!

Greetings again–things are picking up here, for sure! Michael West has launched his book already, and the party’s still rolling!

T.Lee Harris has begun channeling Sam Axe–everyone sigh here– and the used books are going by the cartful!

Stephen Zimmer has brought his books and his banners–what a great display!

Sales at all our tables nearby and ours are going so well! Come down before everything’s gone!

Live blogging from The Author’s Fair!!

Good morning everyone! I’m in beautiful Madison Indiana, working under a fluffy-clouded sky at the second annual Authors’ Fair. I’m so glad I got here a little early to watch the excitement build as the nearly forty authors began arriving and setting up their displays and materials.

Such a wide array of genres and styles! Bertena Varney came with a whole table of anti-vampire devices, including wooden stakes! All available for purchase. With the coming apocalypse, yhou just can’t be too careful!

Lucy Snyder and her wounded warrior, Gary Braunbeck, are in place and ready to sell their new books–Lucy’s Switchblade Goddess is gatghering many good reviews!

Michael West is launching his book Poseidon’s Children here–it’s exclusive here a week before anywhere else. Be the first to check it out.

The sun’s conveniently shy, hiding just behind a cloud–so it’s not too hot, not too cool–just right for everyone to come out and take advantage of the Fair–over 10,000 books for sale. THere has to be one that will suit you. Come on Down!  That Book Place, Madison, 337 Clifty Drive.

(and you get to meet me!!)

SFFS snippet for March 3, 2012–enjoy!

Today’s snippet is from TRIAD, my new science fiction novel that you can read more about if you click the tab above. It was released last month by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.  This scene takes place after a former enemy ship arrives at the Solarii base. Monty Winston’s been dispatched by the Solarii commander to check out the ship.

Winston’s opinion of Khimeyr bravery (or was it foolhardiness?) increased as he studied the ragtag fleet. Likely held together with stretchy bands and baling wire, if he’d had to guess. Choosing one of the better candidates, the name Odyssey painted on its side, he started up the shadowed ramp. He avoided the piles of debris outside the hatch and continued into the cockpit, which he found dimly-lit and empty. He spoke to the computer without response. Manual access yielded a couple of blinks from the control panel lights. He leaned over the pilot’s seat to key in a test launch pattern, frowning when the sequence didn’t work. “What a rotting piece of crap.”

”Don’t move.” Cold metal touched the back of his neck. The voice was female, its edge as sharp as her blade. “What do you think you’re doing in my ship?”

Check out more exciting snippets at the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday page!

I’ve been busy this week!

I posted about how senses trigger memory at the blog of Calisa Rhose–brought back some good farm visit memories!

 Also, I wrote a column on promoting, for writers, at Savvy Authors here, in anticipation of the course I’m teaching for them this month. A writer’s life is full of so many things I never anticipated back in the day! 🙂


Two weeks till I’ll be at the Author’s Fair at THAT BOOK PLACE in Madison, Indiana!

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