The Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series

Imagine if you were a pretty average young woman, working in a college town, Missoula, Montana, late for work because some cop you dated once had your car towed. Then imagine you find a glass slipper on the sidewalk, and your best friend dares you to try it on. Would you?

Jelani Marsh does. This is what happens:

She reached down with her right hand and unzipped her boot, kicked it off. “Ready? You want a picture?”

            Iris dug for her cellphone and raised it, ready to take a shot. “Just in case your prince shows up right then.”

            Unbelievable. “I don’t need a prince. I don’t need a man! I need a new life.” Jelani set the shoe on the ground and slipped her foot in. She gently stepped down, not sure what she expected. The slipper shattered, slicing into the sole of her foot.

            Nauseous, Jelani screamed and could only watch in disbelief as tiny men sprang from the blood trickling under the broken shoe. She lost track of how many. The biggest maybe two inches high, they scattered into the shadows around the building next to them and disappeared. She lifted her foot, shaking off the remnants, and examined her foot to see if glass remained buried in her skin.

            “Did you…see that?” Iris gasped, nearly breathless. She grabbed at the wall, eyes closed a moment.

            Jelani felt faint, too, suddenly washed out. “I—I don’t know.” There were no fragments in her foot, or anywhere– the shoe had vanished. The only trace of the whole incident was dark blood on the sidewalk, slowly drying in the sun. The cuts in her foot healed as she watched. What the hell?

            Iris knelt down to peer at Jelani’s foot. “There were little…people. Naked, hairless little people. They ran away. I swear they did.”

            “Did you get pictures?”

            “I almost forgot!” Iris got up and activated the screen on her cell, pressed the arrow. Jelani leaned close to watch the whole thing replay in living color. “Oh. Bless. My. God,” Iris said, in her shock reverting to the male deity.

            Jelani nodded. “And the horse He rode in on.”

That’s where THE ELF QUEEN begins. Here’s the book trailer for THE ELF QUEEN:


Jelani’s story continues into THE ELF CHILD, THE ELF MAGE  and THE ELF GUARDIAN. Reviews and books are available at the DFP site, at, Barnes and and many other bookselling locations, and may be ordered by your local indie bookseller.

For all the background, art, updates and details about the series, see The Clan Elves of the Bitterroot page. Like us at Facebook!


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