Live blogging from The Author’s Fair!!

Good morning everyone! I’m in beautiful Madison Indiana, working under a fluffy-clouded sky at the second annual Authors’ Fair. I’m so glad I got here a little early to watch the excitement build as the nearly forty authors began arriving and setting up their displays and materials.

Such a wide array of genres and styles! Bertena Varney came with a whole table of anti-vampire devices, including wooden stakes! All available for purchase. With the coming apocalypse, yhou just can’t be too careful!

Lucy Snyder and her wounded warrior, Gary Braunbeck, are in place and ready to sell their new books–Lucy’s Switchblade Goddess is gatghering many good reviews!

Michael West is launching his book Poseidon’s Children here–it’s exclusive here a week before anywhere else. Be the first to check it out.

The sun’s conveniently shy, hiding just behind a cloud–so it’s not too hot, not too cool–just right for everyone to come out and take advantage of the Fair–over 10,000 books for sale. THere has to be one that will suit you. Come on Down!  That Book Place, Madison, 337 Clifty Drive.

(and you get to meet me!!)

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