SFFS Snippet, March 31–TRIAD goodness!

Today I have a snippet from the science fiction novel TRIAD.  Catava is one of the three women the story is named for, and she has gathered the remains of her colony and come home, essentially hat in hand, to try to retake her old place. The man she loved has been killed; she has taken his orphaned children in to care for them.

Catava studied the brown-haired boy who had shared her last six months. “No, sweet. Your parents have gone on to a better place.”

The boy’s hazel eyes, Luca’s eyes, seemed to pierce her. “But you said this a better place. You said it safe and warm. You said.”

She fumbled with the literal-mindedness of small children. “It’s true, I did.”

He waited, watching her. Catava glanced at Suzi, and found her also watching, wide-eyed. “They’re gone. They passed on.” She spoke firmly, watching the flicker in Chad’s eyes. “They won’t come back, sweet. There is nowhere you can find them, not in this life.”

A tear ran down Suzi’s cheek and her little spoon shook in her hand. Catava reached out to pat her arm softly. “But I’m here. Momma Cat will care for you always, I promise.”

Chad appeared unmoved. “When I’m dead, too, then I see them?”

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  1. Great scenario – interesting snip!

  2. What a hard conversation to have with a child. Great snippet!!

  3. I do not envy her position. Great snippet!

  4. Reminds me of the conversation I had to have with my kids last summer when their grandmother passed away. Nicely done.

  5. Erp…not a fun conversation to have at any age…great snippet!

  6. Awkward conversation to have with children. Well-written snippet!

  7. Always a hard conversation.

  8. i like to see children in SFF. So many stories are completely divorced from families and children, while in real life they are everywhere, I’m always wondering–where are their families, what are they doing about the kids?

  9. Aww, sad! But well written. Great snippet.

  10. I like the logic of children part. Very true to life.

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