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Cheers to the end of summer!

Welcome to Lyndi’s Adventurous Friend Addison Brae!

Many people are looking forward to wrapping up summer 2021 by spending a long weekend with family, friends, or just taking downtime to relax. Food, football, and a dip in the pool can add more fun. There’s nothing better to cool you down and cheer you up than a cocktail and a thrilling book.

Anyone who enjoys a classic Old Fashioned, will find the Pinkie’s variation tasty and refreshing. If you’re a Cosmopolitan fan, you will enjoy the spicy and sweet Cajun Cosmopolitan. Gillian, the heroine in Becker Circle and Dark Energy, started out tending bar part-time and ended up managing a new restaurant and got pretty good at coming up with her own creative cocktails. She created these recipes to serve her friends outside of work.

Cajun Cosmopolitan

2 oz. Deep Eddy Orange vodka

1 oz. Cointreau

1 oz. pineapple juice

½ oz. lime juice

Shake with ice. Dip part of a chilled martini glass rim in Tony Chachete’s Original Creole seasoning. Strain into glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

Pinkie’s Old Fashioned

1 oz. Hennessey cognac

1 oz. bourbon

1-2 teaspoons agave nectar

1 teaspoon orange bitters

Stir in lowball glass. Add ice. Garnish with an orange wedge and cherry.

Gather some friends, play bartender and try these. After they leave, curl up with your favorite novel and have another.



Connect with Addison on her website, Tirgearr Publishing, Amazon, BookBub, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Text “AddisonBrae” to 888.431.1137 or visit and be the first to receive a text message (no more than 1 per month) on book launches, appearances, and book sales.

You can find Dark Energy (Return to Becker Circle) on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Smashwords, Apple Books, Kobo, and B&N Nook.


Addison Brae lives in Dallas, Texas on the edge of downtown. She has been writing since childhood and continues today with articles, video scripts and other content as an independent marketing consultant. She writes romantic suspense and contemporary young adult fiction. When she’s not writing, Addison spends her time traveling the world, collecting interesting cocktail recipes and hosting parties. She’s still addicted to reading and enjoys jogging in her neighborhood park, sipping red wine, binge-watching TV series, vintage clothing and hanging out with her artistic other half and their neurotic cat Lucy. 

Title/genre:  Dark Energy (Return to Becker Circle), contemporary romantic suspense

Blurb: Cybercrime doesn’t talk. It creeps in and destroys lives right under Gillian’s nose when a cryptojacking scheme lands her boss, Pinkie, in jail. Gillian had just started over with a new career, boyfriend, and confidence after escaping a vicious murder investigation that shattered her ability to trust. Then Pinkie’s arrest leaves her struggling to run his two bars while also unraveling the conspiracy.

Gillian will not let her mentor and friend go down for something he didn’t do. Neither will Jon, the most talented musician on the bar’s stage and the perfect boyfriend…until his good fortune sends her reeling. Gillian forces herself to trust the cops, people who hurt her, and known criminals. Will it be enough to free Pinkie and save her life?


I flip the switch, illuminating the first bar I’ve ever managed. Rainbows of color dance through the full bottles lining the glass shelves. Glasses are stocked. Floors spotless. A chance to begin again after a not-so-perfect fresh start.

The new crew worked their butts off learning menus and setting up for today’s opening. They’re trained and ready for anything. Not sure about me, though. I’m a fast learner, a CPA, and have been a bartender. But that doesn’t mean I can run a bar. Pinkie makes it appear easy. He believes in me, and that’s more than I’ve gotten from most people in my life.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a note written in large block letters.

Welcome, Gillian! Breakfast in the bar fridge. You can’t start your first day as manager hungry. –Pinkie

“What?” My voice echoes in the empty room. Pinkie said he was right behind me before I left after midnight last night. When did he have time to cook? Inside the refrigerator is a container with my name written across it. I peek inside. “He remembered!” Sausage and grits, the first of his cooking I ever ate. Besides being an amazing chef, he’s been such a great mentor since I moved here, helped me survive some major screw-ups. I won’t get involved with the wrong people again.

Pinkie’s been more of a dad than my real father. If he hadn’t believed in me to run his new bar, I’d be working at another accounting job I hate instead of my dream job. Luck or not, after everything Pinkie’s done for me, I’ll never let him down.

Clowder life

our catio

For those who don’t know, a group of cats is called a clowder. Although other words might well apply…like “chaos,” “coolness” and “criminy, not again!” might also apply.

I realized today that I’ve had mine long enough to be able to identify which one has approached my leg without even looking. They’ve developed a manner of getting my attention in very individual ways.

Korben Dallas (also called Monster Boy) is our only male. He’s the cow marked kitty here on the right, loving up our newest, Terra.

He’ll come up and gently pat my leg with a paw. Repeatedly. When he’s ready for a skritch, he’s very persistent.

Terra, for her part, will let out the most pitiful cry you’ve ever heard. She does it multiple times a day, for no reason we can tell. It feels like a kid who’d just discovered she’s the last one on the playground and everyone else went home.

Dilly, our calico, and Twilight Sparkle, a gray tabby, are our old ladies, about 10 years each, and don’t really come around much, except at cuddle time in bed.

Dilly, Clarice and Daisy Mae
Reba, Clarice and Dilly

Clarice, a tuxie with a strange little sideways mustache, doesn’t get my attention at all when she comes to my desk. Instead, she silently curls up under my chair so that when I get up I inadvertently step on her. EVERY time. Her sister, Reba, prefers to just jump up on the desk, step on the keyboard and stick her butt in my face. Hard to ignore.

Daisy Mae, another tortie, very ladylike-ish puts her front paws on my leg and waits until I acknowledge her. After she gets a pat, she’ll jump up and insist I hold her on my shoulder like a human baby. If I’m very good, she will give me kisses. 🙂

Lastly, Ziggie is a bit of a spaz and doesn’t really know what to do, wherever she is. But all she has to do is be beautiful. So… how hard can it be?


For more about our rescues and adventures in the foster kitty world, check out The Trouble with Cats!

Finding her Secret Desire


SECRET DESIRES is now on sale at and on iTunes. Now, you can listen to Margo’s story and cheer her on as you commute to work or sit back and adjust your headsets at home. It is also available on B& and –eBook and paper.                  ISBN: 978-0-9984099-1-7

Nothing in Margo Simmons’s life comes easy. She can’t claim the inheritance on a condo apartment her uncle has left to her until she is gainfully employed in a job for a year. She meets the man of her dreams but anguishes over a loving relationship because he is still emotionally tied to his deceased wife. With great difficulty, she becomes the guardian to a recently orphaned child she had been tutoring.   Margo evolves from an insecure, newbie elementary teacher into a woman determined to fulfill the secret desires locked in her heart.

My story speaks to anyone who has suffered a loss and had to start over.J.L. Regen’s book was inspired by a real life story of lovers who join hearts against many odds. She lives in the New York metropolitan area, is a published photojournalist, has short suspense stories online, and has taught English as a Second Language to students around the globe. This is her first contemporary romance. She has also published three nonfiction books and is crafting a historical suspense set in World War II.

Contact: J. L. Regen

Website: Facebook:




MARGO SIMMONS GRIPPED THE EDGES of the leather chair, waiting for details from the family lawyer about her Uncle Harry’s death. She hoped it would be shorter and less painful than the reading of her father’s will. An older gentleman extended his hand. “I’m sorry your mother couldn’t be here.”

Margo looked up from her reflections to acknowledge him. “Thanks, Mr. Steinberg.”

“You’ve grown into a lovely young woman.”

Margo blinked back tears at memories of good times shared with Uncle Harry. “Not so young. I’m twenty-three.”

The portly man squeezed himself into a swivel chair and peered at her over wire-rimmed bifocals. “I’m ancient compared to that number.”

Margo gripped her knees to steady her nerves. “My mother wanted to come with me, but they’re downsizing at her dress shop. She was afraid to leave early. My stepfather is furious because Uncle Harry didn’t leave him any money.”

Mr. Steinberg saddened at the sorrowful expression on the young woman’s face. “It pains me to hear Jerry hasn’t changed his ways. However, since you’re the only one present to hear your uncle’s will, I’ll get to the point. Harry has left you his Riverside Drive condominium apartment and the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.”

Margo jumped up from the chair and hugged the man. “This is a miracle. I can’t wait to tell my Mom. She’s wanted me to get out on my own. Now I can. Though I wish it hadn’t come with the loss of my uncle. I adored him.”

The attorney pushed bifocals up his fleshy nose. “I know you did, my dear. He spoke of you often, with fondness. As to your inheritance, in today’s market two hundred and fifty thousand dollars won’t last long unless invested wisely.”

The only thing Margo knew about investments was she didn’t have enough money to make any. “Mr. Steinberg, can you refer me to someone who can advise me so I make wise investments?”

He raised his hand. “Not so fast my dear. Your uncle stipulated that you be gainfully employed for a year before you can claim your inheritance. The last time your mother and I spoke, you were studying to be a French teacher.”

Margo stared at the vibrant red dragon design on an Oriental rug and thought of the threadbare one under her rickety dining room table. Her eyes darted from the lawyer’s monogrammed attaché case to her worn shoulder strap bag. She swallowed a lump of pride. “I’ve been looking for a teaching job for two years, but I’m on the substitute list and have a part-time job at a dry cleaner so I’m employed. I know it’s not a professional job, but it’s respectable work.”

Mr. Steinberg made notes in her uncle’s folder. “I’m afraid that won’t do, my dear. Harry loved you but was very clear on the type of employment.”

A tear rolled down Margo’s cheek. “I don’t know how much longer I can live at home. Mama is working twice as hard since Jerry was laid off from his job at the newspaper. He couldn’t get the hang of technology. He’s been on disability from an old back injury. Could I speak to an investment counsellor to get an idea of what to do with my inheritance? It would give me something to strive for.”

Margo sat on her hands as she waited for the lawyer’s response. Since childhood, all she wanted was to be part of a happy family and not have money worries. Instead of granting her wishes, life had brought her a mean stepfather. Jerry fractured a childhood that had been filled with love when her birth father was alive.

Mr. Steinberg lifted a business card from a sterling silver box. “I highly recommend Edward Master. He’s with the investment banking firm of Chartwell, Morgan, and Master. He’ll give you solid advice. Shall I see if he’s available now?” 


More than a mystery

Please welcome Lyndi’s Adventurous Friend RANDY OVERBECK!!!

When is a mystery more than a mystery?

            When the narrative includes a puzzling whodunit, carefully layered suspense and adventure elements, and an enchanting thread of romance, all with a eerie sense of the paranormal. Not to mention a tale set in a breathtakingly beautiful seaside resort.

When the novel has something for everyone.

I loved everything about this book. As a ghost story combined with a mystery, a romance, a social injustice and stunning historical details, Crimson at Cape May has something for everyone.”—ReadersView

Readers and reviewers have enjoyed all these narrative elements of the second entry in my Haunted Shores Mysteries, CRIMSON AT CAPE MAY, and have responded with enthusiasm, rave reviews and anticipation for the next installment. (Not to mention making the first entry, BLOOD ON THE CHESAPEAKE  a #1 best seller on both Amazon and B & N.) Perhaps, that is why the novel have garnered dozens of 5-star reviews and earned the Gold Award (Literary Titan), the Silver Award for Mystery of the Year (ReadersView) and the Crowned Heart of Excellence (Ind’Tale Magazine).

“With both elements of mystery and suspense, readers across genres will find this second book about Darrell Henshaw intriguing…I highly recommend it.” ★★★★★—Literary Titan

Here are the basics of CRIMSON AT CAPE MAY.

What if you needed to escape a haunted past and a town furious with you for exposing its ugly secret? With no job and few options, Darrell Henshaw—teacher, coach and paranormal sensitive—heads for Cape May to accept an offer to coach a summer football camp. And the resort town, with gorgeous beaches, rich history and famous Victorian mansions, might be just the getaway he needs.

            Only, no one told him Cape May is home to even more horrors as the most haunted seaport on the East coast. The new town launches his gift of seeing ghosts into overdrive and one resident ghost, the Haunted Bride, stalks him, begging for help.

            Darrell can’t refuse.

Joining forces with Cassie, a street-wise teen and another sensitive, he investigates the bride’s death and discovers an even greater crime. Can Darrell and Cassie expose the killer before they meet the same fate? (Insert CRIMSOM cover)

It’s hardly surprising that mystery is one of the most popular of fiction genres. But a mystery that ratches up the suspense and adventure, weaves in a touch of the paranormal, laces in the promise of true love, and transports readers to a sun-drenched, white sand beach—then fiction lovers have a winning combination. At least, I hope so. And readers and reviewers seem to think so.

“The well-plotted storyline keeps a steady pace through two-thirds of the book and then gradually ups the ante, adds tension, grit, drops more pieces of the puzzle, then explodes.”—V. Williams, Rosepoint Publishing

Check it out for yourself and see what readers are talking about.

“Thrilling! Haunting! Convincing! Loved it as much, if not more, than BLOOD ON THE CHESAPEAKE!an Amazon Reader

“The mystery and suspense kept the pages turning.”—a Goodreads reader

“He’s a mystery master! This is one author on my auto-buy list.”—a Goodreads reader

A page turner from page one. Well done. Well done!”—an Amazon reader

The pace of this book is incredible. I’d describe it as a runaway train.”—an Amazon reader



Why would this woman pursue him?

Now a safe distance away, he studied her. She was thin, with a small, drawn face of pasty skin, and he would’ve guessed her to be about his age, mid-twenties. But there was something about her, something that made him shiver. Did she have a black eye? Were those cuts on her cheek? Why hadn’t he noticed those before, when he passed her on the Promenade?

He sped up, the street crowded, congested with tourists. Normally, the jostling bodies would’ve given him the creeps, but today he was grateful for the numbers so he could blend in.

Not sure where he was headed—except away from his boardinghouse—he kept up a brisk pace. He hurried past the legendary Inn of Cape May, with its ornate, white period architecture and four stories of ancient rooms facing the beach. Any other time, he’d be thinking about taking Erin there. The place had an interesting old-time vibe. That is, if she still wanted anything to do with him. But he didn’t have time for that now. He kept moving.

As he turned back onto Beach Avenue again, the sight of the beautiful blue ocean across the road struck him and he stopped for a moment, then chanced a peek back around the corner. No sign of his stalker.

He reduced his pace, easing past a beach shop, and saw his reflection in the store front. That gave him an idea. Ahead, he spied a coffee shop with two long windows facing the street, the panes so sparkling clean he could see the image of the sun hanging over the ocean in the glass. As he walked along, he turned his head to catch his image and, when he was far enough along, he glanced sideways at the window. Trailing behind him, he could make out, reflected in the glass, only two people, a gray-haired couple. No one else. He took a few more steps, watching and slowing a little, and exhaled. He’d lost her.

He turned and studied the man and woman, who’d paused to examine the restaurant menu posted next to the door. A few feet beyond the couple stood the woman. Darrell’s gaze darted. The couple. The woman. The coffee shop window. Back to her. The petite young woman in the tattered white dress stood hunched not more than ten feet away. Darrell searched for her reflection in the glass. There was not even a shimmer.

Oh no. Not again.

The side of the young woman’s face was beaten and bloodied. Her exposed neck bore a long, ugly purple bruise. The torn dress now had blood seeping across her torso and down her right leg. He looked back. Still nothing in the window. The hairs on his neck stood up.

“What do you want?”

In unison, the pair turned, peered behind and then back at Darrell. The man said, “Son, there’s no one there.”

 Darrell kept staring and as he watched, the young woman walked through the older couple and stopped in front of him. This close up, her one deep blue eye—the one not blackened—seemed vacant and carried an emptiness that frightened Darrell. She again extended both pale hands, blood now covering them and dripping off her fingertips. Mesmerized, Darrell watched as fat crimson drops splattered red onto the gray sidewalk.

In her soft voice, she said again, “Please, help me. Help us.”

Darrell shook his head violently. “No. Hell, no. Not again.” Last time almost killed him.

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Heaven & Earth series continues!

Please welcome Lyndi’s Adventurous Friend Jeny Heckman!


Dee Walker can kick your ass. At least she thinks so and isn’t afraid to say it.

A no-nonsense spark plug, Dee keeps everyone around her hopping. When she meets fellow field hand, Arthur Taylor, her colorful world becomes even brighter when she makes him an offer he can’t turn down.

However, this story of a bright explosion of color in a monochromatic world isn’t what you might imagine, as Dee’s life doesn’t exactly turn out like she thinks it will.

This novella is the life story of Dee Taylor, the feisty and eccentric grandmother of Finn in the Heaven & Earth series. Her bright colorful muumuus and big floppy hat are her trademarks, and this story will tell you how it all began. She also has this little ability to see future developments. Oh, and commune with the greatest Greek family in history, but she just doesn’t know it… yet.

The long wait is over! DEE’S CORNUCOPIA, @jenyheckmanauthor fan requested novella from her Heaven & Earth series is ON SALE everywhere TODAY! To those who are familiar with her series, the wait is OVER! To those that are new to Jeny Heckman, she would love to introduce you to the story of this feisty grandma and her fantasy paranormal Heaven & Earth Series that started with the Sea Archer three years ago!


“My God, it’s hotter than a billy goat’s ass in a pepper patch out there,” Dee announced as she entered the office furnished with the rich fragrance of leather, old wood, coffee, and tobacco smoke.

Her boss, Bert Norton, sat hunched at his desk, puffing on his ancient pipe. His gaze snapped to hers, and he gave the merest hint of a smile before frowning at her crass expression. The two fellows, also occupying the room, stood a little straighter at her appearance, but gave each other surreptitious glares. They wore identical uniforms of scarred leather boots, dusty work trousers and damp cotton shirts, right down to the sweat-stained field-hand hats squeezed together in their enormous fists.

“Ah, sorry?” Dee phrased it almost like a question and raised her eyebrows at all the testosterone in the small space.

“Deidre, please, take a seat.” Bert gestured to one of the broad wing-back chairs occupying the area in front of his desk.

The two imposing men shifted their weight from foot to foot in apparent agitation. If I sit in that chair, I’ll look weak. Possessing a vagina created enough of a disadvantage chasm already.

“Thanks, Mr. Norton, I’ll stand. No sense in giving anyone the upper hand, right?” she quipped and slapped her hands on her hips, shifting her own weight from side to side. The corner of her boss’s lips twitched, but he sighed, and they both looked over at the two workers.

Dee’s Cornucopia

            Date Began: August 4, 2021

            Publisher: Celtic Butterfly Group LLC

            Cover Designer: Steve Novak

            Theme/Genre/Sub-Genre: Fairy Tale/Myths/Fantasy/Paranormal

Keywords: Paranormal Books; Strong Female Protagonist; Life Story Adventure; Greek Mythology

Page Count: 168

Word Count 45,150

Digital Price: $2.99

Print Price: $12.99

ISBN (Paperback): 9780996509602

ISBN (Digital): 9780996509633

Purchase Links        




Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=516C89438A3C60B9B3ECE7FE7F4277B1.prodny_store01-atgap07?ean=9780996509633







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