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You mean you can’t kill your staff? SFFS snippets, away!

Today we have another snippet from TRIAD:

WHEN Trezanna woke up, she lay on her back, unsure of her whereabouts, someone crying out in pain near her, the room lit by blazing emergency lights that dazzled some sections of the room, but left the rest in darkness. She guessed it was the infirmary. She tried to push herself upright, but found herself restrained on a medical table. Her navy blue jumpsuit had been cut away in the upper right quadrant, and she was freezing.


Her chief medical officer appeared from behind a blood-flecked curtain under the lights at the far end of the room. Eugene Boring was humanoid—bipedal, nearly human—but his Eponan physiology dictated he was short, squat and hairless, his skin tinged with a slightly jaundiced appearance. His eyes, a deep piercing violet, sparkled with good humor as he scanned her. “Ah, Len, you’re among the living. Nice for you.”

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Bringing the Clan Elves overseas…

Today I post at the web home of Cathie Dunn, talking about why I chose the Bitterroot for my urban fantasy setting. Some beautiful photos of the Missoula and Bitterroot region, and an excerpt from THE ELF CHILD!   Come post a comment.  🙂

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