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I need a new page! But I haven’t time just now so….

Yes! It’s nearly time for the advent of the newest expansion of my writing repertoire–my supernatural suspense book coming out next month from Hydra Publications.

The story is told by Sara Woods, a newly-divorced newspaper reporter who finds herself investigating a string of mysterious deaths in Ralston, Ohio, all women, all about her own age who’ve had the life sucked out of them, and all without a connection to each other.

Not until she goes for therapy to heal an old auto accident’s effects does she begin to guess what might be killing these women–and by then, she’s already stepped on the slippery slope.

When her friend Dedra begins to deteriorate just like the others, Sara enlists help from Dr. Rick Paulsen, a local practitioner who has some clout at the hospital and other area clinics. At the same time, she keeps running into police officer Brendon Zale, who seems to be following her around town in a very creepy way.

Where does her investigation lead, and who is really try to help her? Will she be able to stop the guilty party before they stop her? And why is Sara so afraid of lightning?



Space pirates. What else do you need to say? SFFS for July 28

Trezanna Len (front), with Estrella and Catava, the three women commanders of TRIAD

Today’s snippet is a bit from the space adventure TRIAD. The Solarii are a small colony of Terran descendants, led by former Space Command officer Trezanna Len. Life is hard on the raggedy edge of space, and becomes near impossible when the Arkosian space pirates decide they’d like to have what the Solarii have. But Trezanna and her people don’t intend to make that fight an easy one:

Trezanna focused closely on the screen as the overhead lights dimmed. Other than the command post, the attack hadn’t damaged anything crucial. Seven ships occupied the air space directly over the base, four pirate ships, three of theirs. The Solarii ships, the Whirlwind, the Tiboron, and the Blaze, smaller and more maneuverable, circled the larger pirate ships like wild dogs, taking bites out of their hulls with each pass.

Running a hand through her hair to knock loose tiny bits of plasteel and krete, Trezanna tuned the controls, trying to catch the frequency her fighters were using. Barely able to hear at first, she leaned in close, the blue light from the screen dimly illuminating her face and body. Static phased in, then sharpened to a war whoop.

“Beat it, Winston, she’s gonna blow!” came the triumphant voice of Shelby Hussard, the spitfire teacher-turned-pilot of the Tiboron.

“Cheeky bit.” Monty Winston swerved the Whirlwind from its path, swinging wide to avoid the coming explosion.


Read more about the book at the tab above.  TRIAD is available now from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. , at, Barnes and, and through most other sources. Order it in paperback from your local indie bookstore. (Yay, indie bookstores!!)

For more science fiction and fantasy snippets to round out your Saturday, check the main page at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, and find little bits of stories from SFF authors from around the globe!

Ah, sweet revenge…SFFS for July 21

Greetings, science fiction and fantasy fans!

Today I’ve got a selection/snippet from the opening of THE ELF CHILD, book two in the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series:

He wanted her dead.

            All the years he’d been alive, Grigor Biren had wanted…something. An ever-changing, vast ‘something’ that seemed to be just out of reach. He had never been able to define exactly what would leave him satisfied.

Until now.

            He wanted her dead. Jelani. The elf queen. The child of elven Linnea and human Vincent Marsh, who’d grown up to return to Montana, to the Bitterroot Mountains, to ruin everything.

And from there evolves a bitter plot that drives that story through the end of book two and into the beginning of book three. But I guess it’s good to figure out your motivation, right?

More snippets from the series are available at the Clan Elves tab above and also at the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot webpage. The books are available at, Barnes and, Smashwords and many other outlets, or order it from your local indie bookseller! (We support local bookstores!!)

More snippets from other talented sci-fi/fantasy writers are available at the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday page, so don’t miss a one!

Montana’s a gorgeous place…even in SFF snippets!

This week’s snippet is from book four of the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series, which I’m writing as we speak. :) It’s titled THE ELF GUARDIAN and is due out early next year.

Scenic drive along Idaho-12








The quandary in the beginning of the story is that a defrocked but flashy paranormal investigator named Chiara DeLuna comes to the forest to investigate the Montana Vortex, hoping to make her name again. She arrives just as the elves are about to conduct their solstice ritual–  collision course ahead!

Having just returned from Glacier National Park (above, right) myself, I have to confess I’m as twitterpated about the place as Chiara.

The mountain before her rose with the majesty of poetry to a snow-capped peak far above her head. Another sat to the right, and another to its right, a perfectly sculptured range of mountains that looked like something out of a nature documentary. The breeze was ripe with the scent of pine and the wild flowers that seemed to carpet the ground below. Some sort of raptor flew far overhead, a pair of them, she noted a moment later. They cried out to each other, then executed a graceful drive to the ground somewhere on the far side of the hotel where she couldn’t see them any more.

Okay, so it wasn’t Manhattan. The mountains were of rock instead of steel. And the city never smelled like this–never.

            Re-energized, she went inside and called the desk to hire a driver to take her out to the vortex. If the hotel was this inspiring, the psychic energy might just be amazing after all.

Little friend at the Montana vortex…

For more information on the Clan Elves series, click the tab above or visit their website, Http:// . For more snippets to make your Saturday wonderful, visit the SFFS site and read all the fantastic bits and pieces filling the creative airwaves today!

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