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Too many stories, so little time–Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday for March 2

Four books releasing in March? What the heck was I thinking???

Oh yeah, I remember. I’m going to That Book Place for  an Author’s Fair in Madison, Indiana, and I wanted to be able to take new books with me. *headdesk*

So I have the fourth book in the Clan Elves series, THE ELF GUARDIAN: cvr200x300elfguardian2

And a story, “A Recipe For Success,” in SIDEKICKS, the new speculative fiction anthology from Alliteration Ink (writing as Alana Lorens):SIDEKICKS_512

And a new contemporary romance called BY ANY OTHER NAME coming from Desert Breeze Publishing   March 23…(also writing as Alana Lorens)

Holy Mother of bacon and blueberry muffins, Batman!

I feel like I’m tied to one of the fans on a windmill, spinning around trying to see which book I’m talking about THIS time.

Oh, wait. I know. I’m talking about the first book in the Horizon Crossover series, HORIZON SHIFT.

Here’s the blurb: When Captain Temms Rogers of the Confederation spaceship Doubtful disobeys orders to attack innocent civilians, he and his crew become hunted rebels. In the midst of a desperate space battle, they risk using an experimental alien device that opens a wormhole which hurls them into a new universe.

(Yes, the name of his ship is the Doubtful, and yes, there’s a good reason for it. It’s in the book. 🙂  )


Captain Rogers has a lot on his mind, what with trying to save what’s left of his ship and his crew in the new universe. Even his sleep is troubled with worries:

When he finished saying grace, the children passed bowls of food and chattered about school as Connie corrected their grammar and manners. He could only watch–he couldn’t move.

Connie said something about the Confederation school and Tommy bragged about how he couldn’t wait to become a Confederation officer like his dad.

Temms wanted to tell Tommy he was forbidden to go. Tommy passed the tray of broiled meat, and small marks appeared on his shirt, red marks that got bigger and more liquid. Blood.

Tommy babbled about joining the Confederation corps as he slowly bled out and Connie looked at Temms, accusing him.

“How could you let this happen? How could you?”

He couldn’t move.


Here’s another snippet from December 2012 from HORIZON SHIFT, and here’s where you can catch a whole bunch of assorted free snippets from authors around the world at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday– come by and read them all!

Live blogging from The Author’s Fair!!

Good morning everyone! I’m in beautiful Madison Indiana, working under a fluffy-clouded sky at the second annual Authors’ Fair. I’m so glad I got here a little early to watch the excitement build as the nearly forty authors began arriving and setting up their displays and materials.

Such a wide array of genres and styles! Bertena Varney came with a whole table of anti-vampire devices, including wooden stakes! All available for purchase. With the coming apocalypse, yhou just can’t be too careful!

Lucy Snyder and her wounded warrior, Gary Braunbeck, are in place and ready to sell their new books–Lucy’s Switchblade Goddess is gatghering many good reviews!

Michael West is launching his book Poseidon’s Children here–it’s exclusive here a week before anywhere else. Be the first to check it out.

The sun’s conveniently shy, hiding just behind a cloud–so it’s not too hot, not too cool–just right for everyone to come out and take advantage of the Fair–over 10,000 books for sale. THere has to be one that will suit you. Come on Down!  That Book Place, Madison, 337 Clifty Drive.

(and you get to meet me!!)

Want a signed book?

Come to the Madison, Indiana Author’s Fair sponsored by That Book Place March 16-17, 2012. I’ll be there with 40 other authors, some 10,000 books for sale, and all of my books, too.

I’d love to meet you in person. I’ll probably even have chocolate!

That Book Place, 337 Clifty Dr. Madison, IN  47250

Friday evening and Saturday morning beginning at 10 a.m. Lots of lovely books and writers to make your weekend!

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