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How easily power can shift….SFFS for 10-13

It’s been awhile since we checked out the above the bedspread dealings of political gain in the TRIAD universe.

Today’s snippet comes from a scene a little later in the book. Hawk Kenton, previously Dragonfleet’s #2, has learned that the Solarii aren’t all bad, and a joint mission with them has concluded successfully.

While he could go back and join his fellow Dragonfleeters, he takes advantage of Suzanne Taylor’s invitation to remain free and learn more of the Solarii and Khimeyr. When he goes back to tell Estrella he’s leaving, she reacts ratherly poorly to that and tries to stab him. He takes issue with that:

Grabbing her by the hair and the right arm, he spun her away from him, then captured her again, her back against his chest, his arm around her throat, tight, until she gasped for air.

 “Strey, I haven’t betrayed you, but I won’t see Dragonfleet destroyed. By the honor of my father, it will live, with or without you.” As he felt her knees weaken, he shoved her away and she fell to the floor, choking.

“Get out!” she hissed.

Kenton stepped away, keeping his expression passive until he cleared the door. The others regaled him with stories of Estrella’s transgressions in his absence, but he just smiled, self-confidence building by the moment as he saw how they looked to him for guidance and leadership.

“Nothing I haven’t heard or expected, but things can be different if you want them to be.” Hawk’s deep-set eyes twinkled as he read support in their faces: was that his answer?

The Queen is dead…Long Live the King.

TRIAD is a space opera with a large, multi-national cast, set after a Diaspora from Earth has scattered its seed across the galaxy. The pages tell of courage, bravery, deception and betrayal, love and hate, birth and death. Pretty much everything in the unverse short of zombies. (But we do have space pirates!!)

TRIAD is a 2012 release from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. , available in ebook, paperback and hardback. at, Barnes and, most other web sources, and can also be ordered through your local indie bookseller!

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