About Lyndi Alexander

Lyndi grew up a poor black child….

No, wait. That’s a different movie.  Lyndi grew up in the Midwest, knowing from the time she was very young that she wanted to write stories. Science fiction and fantasy were the fuels for her imagination in those days, GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAfrom Madeleine L’Engle’s tesseract stories, to Ursula K. LeGuin, on to Anne McCaffrey’s dragon books, Heinlein’s classics… too many to name. Then as those huge stories spread across space, both on the small screen, like Star Trek, and the big screen, like Star Wars, and eventually as man (and woman!) entered the cosmos via rockets, inspiration continued. (Though if challenged, she would claim that Browncoats rule!)

Her urban fantasy series, Clan Elves of the Bitterroot, is set in Montana, just outside Missoula, a beautiful location very possibly shot through with magic. The series has its own page here, but you’ll find news at this site from time to time too.

Now that Lyndi has her very own space stories in print (TRIAD and the Horizon Crossover series, published  by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. in ebook, paperback and hardback),  she needed a place to stretch her wings a bit. She’s expanded her reach to science fiction romance with A SMALL DEGREE OF HOPE, and her YA fantasy works, the WINDMILLS series and THE LOST CHORD.

She’s also a member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade and a sometimes contributor at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturdays.

Stay tuned. Always something happening around here.  A little adventure, a little romance, interesting characters and stories that don’t just rehash what you’ve already read. Welcome!

If you’d like to send a note, a message,  a review, even a warm comment about one of the stories, that’s great–I love to hear from people! You can email at lyndialexander AT gmail DOT com, and sign up for my Facebook fan page at  https://www.facebook.com/lyndialexander13

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