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Happy Saturday scifi and fantasy fans! Hope you have something lovely planned–here in beautiful Crawford County, it’s the last night of the huge fair…demolition derby and fireworks! Highlight of the backwoods week. 🙂

cvr200x300horizonstrifeBut out in space, book two of the Horizon Crossover series is slowly coming together. HORIZON STRIFE picks up a year after Temms Rogers and his crew burst through a wormhole into a new universe. They face new issues and new enemies:

After his sudden, shocking arrival in the Mariel star system, his ship broken and crew decimated, Captain Temms Rogers has fought his way back to self-sufficiency, even prosperity, in a new universe with his new crew. Over the months, he’s established a reputation as a fair and competent mercenary ship—if someone’s got a job, he can handle it. His fledgling alliance with the powerful Consortium has opened many doors for him, and he repays that support with his loyalty.

As time goes on, what appeared to be a rosy future begins to pale. First, the Consortium’s system rival, The Agency, takes notice of Rogers’ efforts to rally the other independent ship owners against them, and trouble isn’t far behind. Worse, those officers who crossed over through the wormhole with Rogers have begun to fall ill, victim to a local virus or germ to which they’ve never been exposed or developed immunity.

 Just when he needs his ship at full battle readiness, Rogers finds his crew incapacitated, one by one, leaving the new recruits from this side of the barrier to try to rescue them from impending death.

Even as he deals with these possibilities, Rogers finds he has to face a horrifying fate worse than that of his crew: a lovesick doctor determined to marry him—or else!

So here’s today’s snippet, from the opening chapter:

The door slammed open, and the two men, blindfolded and bound, were shoved inside, bouncing off the hallway’s narrow walls. “Keep moving!” barked the man who’d brought them. He planted a hand firmly in the back of the second in command of the ship Ramman and pushed him ahead into the darkness.

“Captain, what do they want?” the second gasped between clenched teeth.

“Shut up,” his captain replied. Jak Moster had been around this cosmos for nearly sixty-five annuals, forty of those dealing with the financial monster called the Agency. The organization controlled the way free captains did business in nearly the whole interplanetary sector, on an unofficial basis. The local governments couldn’t—or wouldn’t—take action against them.

He had a pretty good idea what was wanted here–most important now was the ability to stay alive through this encounter. It might happen, too.


Poor Jak. Not a good time to be wrong.

If you haven’t read HORIZON SHIFT yet, it’s still available. Check it out here:

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or also on Kindle.

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  1. Great energy and tension built here. I can tell this is a page-turner.

  2. I’ve got a series coming up called “Horizon War,” but the planet is Horizon, introduced in Horse Power. And the spaceships are used by those who can’t handle an interstellar teleport.

  3. Reblogged this on Library of Erana and commented:
    Looks interesting. Attractive cover too:)

  4. I like his confidence. I’m looking forward to finding out how he stays alive.

  5. Great set up with an interesting back story. All the makings of an epic adventure. Even more entertaining than the predicament is how they get out of it. Looking forward to seeing it.

  6. He’s got grim determination. He knows the direness of his situation but isn’t ready to give up. I always love those kinds of characters—they get into the most interesting situations.

  7. Just goes to show that many things are on the HORIZON, Sue Ann! 🙂 Thanks all for stopping by. Your thoughtful comments have actually changed my mind about what happens to Jak. He thanks you. 🙂

  8. Oh boy. Things are never good where there are agencies with power. Ugh!

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