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Escape into Fantasyland!

Escape into Fantasyland (pun intended)

By Beth Ann Masarik

Thank you for having me on the blog today! I was asked to write about fantasy as an escape for readers, which is how I came up with the title .

beth author photoI don’t know about you guys, but whenever I want to escape reality, I usually pick up a book that has some kind of fantasy in it.  I don’t know why, I guess because it’s all that magic and make-believe stuff that gets put in it that draws me in.  I love the flexibility that fantasy has with world building, as opposed to mainstream genres.  With fantasy, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve loved fantasy ever since I was introduced to the Harry Potter books, which I think is what really sparked my interest in writing.  Oh, I was writing long before I read them, but that was what set it in stone for me.  I remember saying, “I want to be a best seller like JK Rowling.” Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but if everyone goes out and buys my books and short stories, that might actually happen *wink wink*.

So for me, the appeal of fantasy comes with sometimes just wanting to escape reality, and it’s just a lot of fun to write and role play in.

twau official bannerAbout The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness (the full length novel)

Hades is hell-bent on taking over the world, but in order to do so, he has to remove his nemesis, Gaia from power.  But one thing stands in the way and she goes by the name of Selene.

Cue Damien, son of Hades and Persephone.  He happens to be in love with Selene, and will stop at nothing to make sure Princeofdarknessfinal coverhat she is safe even though their love is forbidden.  Furious with his son’s treachery, Hades tricks Damien into killing the only woman that he has ever loved.  He does so by telling Damien that he will spend the rest of his eternal life in the Fields of Asphodel if he does not prove his loyalty.  Torn between his un-beating heart and his family, Damien does the only thing a true demon prince knows how: killing those closest to him.

Will Damien follow through with his father’s evil scheme?  Or will he be banished to the Fields of Asphodel for his treachery?


About the short stories:

The short stories are meant to get your feet wet and ready for the re-debut of the upcoming saga titled The World Among Us.  The World Among Us was originally released in 2011 with Otherworld Publications.  Unfortunately, Otherworld closed its doors last year, and Beth had to find a new publisher.  Fortunately, she was offered a contract with Hydra Publications, and the titles that were released with Otherworld have been/are being revised and revamped and re-released!

Regretsmoon (1)About Murderous Regrets (A T.W.A.U. prequel #1):

Leon Greene is accused of murdering his best friend, Jason Aysel, and the world wants to know if he really did it.  Cue Elise Stevenson, the top news reporter for the Daily Gazette who gets the scoop.  Will Leon tell her the truth and his motives behind the murder?

**This is a short story based off the novel, The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness. This was originally published by Otherworld Publications in 2011 and in the Augnowrimo anthology.  It has been edited and revised and now published by Hydra publications.


About Hell Bound (a T.W.A.U. prequel #2)

After impressing her boss with her interview with werewolf, Leon Greene, Elise is Hell Bound to an interview with the Lord HellsbounDof the Underworld himself.  Mr. Murphy wants her to find the dirty scoop on Hades himself, and foil his plot to take over the world.  Will she survive the clutches of Hell?

*this is a short story based off the soon to be released novel, The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness.  Hell Bound has never been released!

About Hell’s Captive

As if interviewing Hades himself wasn’t enough, Elise gets sucked into doing an interview with his son, Prince Damien.  It turns out that the Prince of Darkness has a few tricks up his sleeve himself, and is head over heels for the girl he murdered.  Will Elise uncover the Prince of Darkness’s deepest, darkest secrets?

HCaptive*this is a short story based off the soon to be released novel, The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness.  This is a never before seen short story.

About Moon Spirit

Raul Blackoak’s world is tossed upside down one evening when he stumbles upon a damsel in distress.  What he wasn’t expecting was that his life would be changed forever by her.  Because he risks his own life to save her, he is caught between two worlds; the world to which he belongs, and the human world.  Will he be able to balance being in both worlds?  MoonOr will he have to give up one to be happily ever after in the other?

***this is the revised and edited edition. Moon Spirit was originally published by Otherworld Publications in 2011, and is now represented by Hydra Publications.

About Beth Ann Masarik

Beth Ann Masarik is a Young Adult author and writer, indie publisher, and youth advocate. She writes Young Adult fantasy and urban fantasy novels that are mostly about forbidden romance and have some sort of magical creatures in them. Her debut novel, The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness was first published with Otherworld Publications. Unfortunately, OWP closed on December 31, 2012, and the book is no longer available. However, she has signed with Hydra Publications, and it will be released sometime in 2013.  You can visit her author website at www.bethannmasarik.com and the series website at http://www.theworldamongussaga.com for more details on my publishing adventures.

As a youth advocate, she, along with her new husband, is one of the adult coordinators of the Our Lady of Fatima youth group that is supported by the current pastor and the parents of the kids in the group.

In addition to writing, she also publishes a bi-monthly e-zine called Literary Lunes Magazine. It is offered as a free black and white e-copy and also offers a low-cost full colored paperback copy of each issue.  For more information, please visit the magazine website at www.literarylunespublications.com  

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