How do you define desperate? This might qualify! SFFS for May 4

asmalldegreeofhope3This month, my Science Fiction and Fantasy snippets will likely all be about my June release, A SMALL DEGREE OF HOPE, coming from Lyrical Press. It’s a sci-fi romance with an unusual twist. Everyone can understand the appear of cuddling with a warm, furry werewolf now and again, but in this story our shapeshifter is an alien reptile.

To be fair, Griff is a “good guy.”  When his kind come to the planet Andan, determined to make over the female population into lizard breeders, Griff comes to stop them. He also falls in love with the cop investigating the resulting deaths, Kylie Sanderson. When she’s captured by Griff’s brethren, she goes through a bit of hell:


The reptiles passed an electronic device over the lock, and the door released. The women didn’t react, but kept mournfully rocking, even after the reptiles entered the cage and closed the door. Each approached one of the women, making an odd, throaty sound almost like purring.

As though hypnotized, the women’s moaning stopped. Each laid her head against the broad gray chest of a reptile male, who stroked her back rhythmically, comforting her as if she was a child having a bad dream. Nothing romantic about it–certainly nothing sexual. The point had to be the test of control.

When the lizards quieted, the women stumbled away from their captors, tortured sounds issuing from their throats. The look in their eyes, though, more hopeless, desperate, even, than those of war prison camp survivors. Such horror.


Is Kylie going to be changed into a reptile, too? Or will Griff’s desperate attempt to bring her back succumb to the iron will of his kind?

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  1. Lizard men must die horrible deaths. I hope Griff can accommodate.

  2. How could they tell the males from the females?

  3. That does sound rather terrifying. And it seems they acted without consciousness–even scarier. Really riveting snippet.

  4. Another fascinating concept. Can’t wait until I can see more.

  5. Females are traditionally not intelligent–only the males will work in the sciences.

  6. Chilling. Pretty sure I don’t like these lizard men! Hopefully Griff is of a different stripe…

  7. Wow. I like the concept, and the writing definitely fit the mood… Heeeey! June 3rd! That’s my birthday!!!

  8. Remind me and I’ll send you a PDF copy for your birthday!! 🙂

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