Is a woman right for a man’s job? If a man can’t do it — SFFS for April 27!

517SzU07bNL__SL500_AA300_It’s Saturday again! That must mean it’s time for delicious bits of science fiction and fantasy–how yummy. This week’s snippet from HORIZON SHIFT is calorie-free, and deals with a mysterious mission.

The Doubtful is offered the opportunity to retrieve some artifacts they need to rebuild the alien device that sent them into a universe, then exploded. All they have to do to get them is help the Lenci get their priestess back from her journey inside a set of caves. She’s been missing several days, and they’re afraid she might be dead. Oh, yes, and they can only send women on the mission.

Sounds easy enough, right?


The Lenci communication had been very sketchy about the rescue mission, perhaps with intention. Even when the team arrived, the Lenci representatives seemed nervous and uncomfortable.

“As I said, Captain, since we don’t engage in trade with outsiders, we trust the artifacts will adequately recompense your team for the dangerous undertaking.” Rez spoke hurriedly, glancing over his shoulder as Malka passed around them with the stinking incense again.

Rogers straightened his shoulders. “You’re sure you need women?”

Liang bristled at the implication in the captain’s voice that women were somehow insufficient. A quick look at Riviera showed a similar reaction.

Rez sighed, and the others twitched and nodded as one.

“The males never come back.”


Well, maybe not so easy, then.

HORIZON SHIFT is available at, at Dragonfly Publishing’s new ebook page  and at other online distributors, or order it in paperback from your local indie bookstore.  🙂

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  1. Okay, I definitely do NOT trust the Lenci and this is my first experience with them. They obviously know more than they are telling and, were it me, I’d want to know what that is BEFORE they get any assistance. Very nice exposition that I was able to develop such a vivid impression of them in such short order.

  2. Uh ohh! The men don’t come back! Is it cuz they don’t want to or perhaps it more sinister! Exciting! Nice imagery on the characters expressions.

  3. Intriguing! Nice hook, great snippet!

  4. I’m with TK and voting for something more sinister…

  5. I hadn’t considered the possibility until I read TK’s comment — maybe the men are just having a really good time!

    PS – Oh, and Rogers definitely needs straightening out. He’ll learn, soon enough, I’m sure.

  6. LOL @ Cary and TK– I hadn’t even thought about that interpretation!! The priestess might be throwing a wicked cool party down there…. 🙂
    And I think the captain doesn’t trust the Lenci any more than Jeffrey–hence his hesitation. But yeah, women’s lib needs to hit the ship. Thanks!

  7. First question in my mind: are the Lenci human-like?

  8. Maybe too much testosterone causes problems on these away missions? Or, maybe TK is right with the sinister motives. *shrug* Who knows?

  9. They are, Sue Ann–that’s been described earlier. They’re a somewhat religious-based society, everyone dresses in long robes, etc.

  10. The men never come back, huh? lol….. You could have so much fun with the reason for that.

  11. Huh. Are the men dying? Being held captive? Running away?

    Curiouser and curiouser. I’m not sure I trust these people, though!

  12. Okay, now I’m curious. Something sinister is going on. What happens to them?

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