No sense in working without an angle…SFFS for April 13!

cvr200x300elfguardian2This week’s snippet goes back to one of the elf queen’s human friends, Lane Donatelli. For those who’ve read the YA Clan Elves series, you’ll remember Lane is a former foster-care child who compensates for his anxiety with food, especially cupcakes, and he’s a master computer whiz.

But he also needs to pay his bills:

Lane retreated to the Cave, his carefully-constructed getaway inside the apartment, four computers ensconced in a space enclosed by walls built from an assortment of cardboard boxes, crates and storage bins.  Once upon a time, his whole life had been centered within these artificial walls, very much like Crispy had constructed his own “safe” place, his agoraphobia keeping him inside the apartment until his therapist—and a generous helping of elven magic—had invited him back into the world.

            Lane’s egress into the greater world had taken a different form. Plopping down in his well-padded manager’s chair, he noted the blinking icon that indicated he had email waiting for him. Clicking on it, he revealed seven notes from fans new to his recently-published digital book, The Elf Princess.

            He’d taken the adventure he’d shared with Jelani, Astan and the others, and written a thinly-disguised version of the story, careful to set it near Butte instead of Missoula, to protect the clan’s existence in the Montana woods.  The manuscript had been rejected by a dozen agents as “too outlandish,” proving to Lane that truth was indeed stranger than fiction. Finally, he’d tapped one of his gamer buddies online, they’d whipped the manuscript into shape for e-publishing, and he’d published it himself.

            His gamer friends spread the word, and as they were a widely-diverse group, Lane had sold a good number of copies already, a fan base developing almost without his effort.

“Now if I can only figure out how to leverage this into a fully-paid appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con…”


wildwest-trip-107-150x150THE ELF GUARDIAN is the fourth book in the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series, available at Dragonfly Publishing and at, Barnes and, at Apple ITunes and most other online outlets. Find out more about the series at the tab above or at the home of the Clan Elves online.

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  1. If self-publishing a book was that easy, I’d be living high on the hog!

  2. Wish I had a wide circle of friends touting my books.

  3. Having the agents reject the manuscript for being too outlandish is a nice touch.

  4. I like the tone that his inner monologue has. It’s authentic.

  5. I like the whole premise of having went through a fantasy adventure and that person writing about it and how that aspect weaves into the story – blurs the lines of reality. I’m curious to see more.

  6. I know, Sue Ann, right? I mean there’s a HUGE tie-in to World of Warcraft in the way Lane interfaces with the elf clan war–and I can’t seem to tap into that crew somehow. 😦

  7. Thanks, all! Lane is one of my favorite creations. I always want to pick him up and hug him. Well maybe some times I want to slap him a little. But then hug him,. 🙂

  8. Glad to see Lane’s discovered the awesomeness of self-pubbing.

  9. Love the description of the cave. Promo is it’s own kind of magic, I think. :-/

  10. I liked this snippet! Awesome to see Lane going the self-publishing route! lol

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