Alone in the dark –SFFS for April 6

For this week’s snippet, I traveled back to my first published science fiction novel, TRIAD. (Okay, it’s only last year, but it’s about 10 published books in-between, so it feels like the Way Back Machine!!)


TRIAD tells the story of three women commanding different factions of an area of disputed space: the Solarii, run by Trezanna Len, Dragonfleet, led by Estrella Drake, and the Khimeyr, a group that splintered away from Dragonfleet, commanded by Catava Rolon. When the Arkosian space pirates come to attack, hoping to annex all the territory belonging to these factions, they find they have to work together to defeat the enemy. But one of the leaders has her very own agenda that could bring them all to ruin.

When one of Trezanna’s lieutenants is captured by the pirates, he’s locked in a dungeon and left alone. The experience kicks him into flashbacks of his time as a prisoner of war:

Winston shuddered again and started over with the multiplication tables.

One times one is one—one times two is two—one times three is three….

Years before, in his days with the Western Alliance, captured soldiers learned ways to focus, to redirect thoughts, to offset brainwashing or other assaults on one’s sanity. Structure, logic, progression. One fact followed another, which followed another, to a known point. Don’t let the mind stray after that creature, the one that sounded small at first but might be larger, might have teeth, might have—



He took a deep breath, felt it shudder out of him. The tricks only worked so long.


TRIAD, a Dragonfly Publishing release, is available at and most other major online retailers, and can be ordered in print at your local indie bookstore! For more information, click the tab above that says “TRIAD”!


After five years of silence, the Arkosian space pirates are back to terrorize the sector where Trezanna Len fights to save her Solarii colony, a small group of Terran descendants settled on the planet Induna. To survive, the Solarii need assistance. And soon. Trezanna could ask for help from the neighboring group called Dragonfleet, but its cruel leader Estrella Drake has been on a rampage to annex Solarii space. Estrella would never agree to an alliance with the Solarii. Or would she?

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  1. Multiplication tables…that’s not a bad idea, though a little boring in my opinion. Maybe that’s the point.

  2. Fun snippet…reminds me of another author I knew who used to use song lyrics to keep his (character’s) brain from being infiltrated. 10 books in the course of a year…wow!

  3. Nice mood you’ve created. Great snippet!

  4. I once counted backwards to get sober…martini’s are dangerous stuffs. The mind when concentration on something else is a powerful tool to make you forget or get through something. Just saying. 🙂 Great snippet – it’s brought out the mood brilliantly. And like T.M. said: ten books? Wow!!

  5. Very spooky. Great snippet! (and you’ve very prolific – 10 books in a year is impressive).

  6. Definitely time for a jail-break!

  7. Powerful snippet. Gives a deep look to a guttural fear that clearly still lurks.

  8. My prisoners are generally concentrating on ways of getting out!

  9. Nice snippet. You can tell there are deep, deep scars there!

  10. Wow. That was actually pretty intense, in a very good way! Good job!

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