SFFS for 1-19: On TV people and why they just aren’t like the rest of us…

Another clip this week from THE ELF GUARDIAN–cvr200x300elfguardian2

Once this paranormal investigator gets hold of the idea of studying the Montana Vortex, she’s determined to come to the Bitterroot forests, which strikes fear–or at least serious concern–into the hearts of those humans fortunate enough to know the elf clan.

Crispy in particular is worried that the new prince could be a target, since the royal family had almost lost him to kidnappers once. But Lane, in his usual laid-back way, sets Crispy straight about it here:


“Have you ever seen this woman?” Lane dropped the letter onto the desk and turned to the second of his four slaved computers, and ordered it to search for the lame investigator’s show.

Avoiding the lens of the web cam, Crispy edged closer to peer around the corner at the monitor’s wide screen, which displayed a woman who could have walked a Hollywood red carpet, tall, platinum blonde, wearing heels four inches tall and a skirt that didn’t seem much longer, if the expanse of leg in between was any indication.

Lane found his eye distracted by those legs, especially because the photo was shot at an angle as if the cameraman was kneeling down low—not an “up-the-skirt” angle, something a little more “queen of the world.” He didn’t know much about fashion, but the jacket and skirt Chiara wore had that bland, useless look in an off-green color that had to mean it cost twice as much as any normal person would pay for it.

Besides, I shop at the Salvation Army—what do I know from looking beautiful?

He rolled his eyes.

“She’ll fall down in the woods,” Crispy commented.

“In those shoes? You betcha.”


Find out more about THE ELF QUEEN, THE ELF CHILD and THE ELF MAGE at the tabs above, or at http://clanelvesofthebitterroot.com. You can buy the books at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and a host of other sources–find them at Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.   The Elf Guardian is expected out this spring. Can’t wait!

Find more great science fiction and fantasy snippets at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday’s main page. I love this group of authors–what great imaginations!



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  1. Interesting snippet…the reaction and description of the photo made me smile.

  2. Four inch heels and a skirt to match – great line and definitely not suited for a trek in the woods but provides a great image of it.

  3. Haha!! Loved the last line two lines. Great description here.

  4. I’m with T.M., the description of the picture–made me just as riveted as it did for Crispy. She seems like an interesting character.

  5. Any scene that involves fashion and heels and such – I’m there!

  6. I like the description of the woman – the heels and skirt length comment is wonderful. Of course, our observers are assuming that because she’s blonde she’s too stupid to wear more sensible clothing when the need arises. My suspicion is that the lady isn’t quite that blonde…

  7. The on-screen persona is not necessarily what they’ll see–not to mention the camera crew.

  8. Hmm…I predict you’re setting up for a sharp contrast when they actually meet. Hopefully I’ll find out soon if I’m right.

  9. Had to laugh at the last line. What is it about SFFSat writers and shoes?? 😉

  10. Well, Chiara deLuna has good reason for acting the way she does. Fortunately she’ll find she needs the elves as well.

  11. Heh. Love the banter here. I bet, like the others, that the woman in question is a bit more practical when it comes to the woods…

  12. Brilliant last couple of lines. Great descriptive snippet. 🙂

  13. Love the contrast in what they’re apparently used to and our world.

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