SFFS– this week an excerpt from THE ELF QUEEN

As we enjoy a sunset on the top of Margie Lawson’s mountain, I share with you a snippet from the first book in the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series, THE ELF QUEEN.  Seems so long since I worked on this one, but it’s only been three years. In a couple of weeks, I’ll have the galleys for book four, THE ELF GUARDIAN– y’all best catch up!

Check out this week’s snippet here; http://clanelvesofthebitterroot.com/updates/on-the-mountain-trail/969/whos-that-girl-always-a-good-question-to-ask-sffs-for-saturday-11-17.html

(And pay no attention to the NaNoWriMo indicator that I’ve fallen behind on my word count. I KNOW. I’m catching up, though.  🙂  )

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