Meet Hydra author Kate Lynd!

As part of this week’s “Getting to Know You” blog hop for the Hydra Authors, we kick off with Kate Lynd. Welcome, Kate!

Growing up I loved all forms of escapism. Film, books, television. It was all the same to me. And I always, given my background, wanted to be rescued, but as I got older I found the victim role to be less appealing, and I wanted a bad ass heroine to be. And I found myself, whenever I wrote, casting the hero as my favorite actor (high school it was Scott Bakula, how I loved Quantum Leap), and me as the heroine. That still true today.

 In my most recent release, GLADIATOR, I chose Daniel Craig. To be honest most times I choose Daniel Craig. He’s such a brute force and has this bad ass quality that won me over in Casino Royale and his tender side flashed a bit in that film too. Of course an easy pick would have been Russell Crowe. And at one point I might have picked him, but these days it’s all about Daniel.

 GLADIATOR tells the tale of Tristan Shane, a man who in an effort to avoid fighting loses his family in a swift act of brutality and is enslaved and forced to fight to the death for the mob’s and the new regime’s pleasure. Until one night the queen comes to him and demands the unthinkable, murder her innocent sister for fear she is the Healer prophesized believed to be sent to usher in a new world of equality and healing.

 Tristan was a great hero to write about. His heart twisted and jaded, the Healer changes everything for him, and for the first time since the loss of his family he begins to believe their might be hope for him. To say much more would be to give away what was so much fun to write about him. And seeing Daniel Craig as this character was easy for me. I was on so much caffeine while penning this sometimes I forget what writing some passages were like. But I remember thinking I hope people really like this story. But then, don’t all authors feel that way?

 My heroes now are less soft and have more of a world weariness to them. And my heroines my have been through hell, but they don’t feel sorry for themselves and maybe have an edge all their own. I hope you pick up GLADIATOR. It’s my favorite book I’ve written to date. It’s out now. And the second book, ORACLE, is targeted for March of next year. But that’s another blog.

Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer you. I love hearing from my readers. Or even potential readers. Until then, happy scribbles.



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  1. I love learning more about authors and how they write. Your book looks amazing! I can’t wait to pick it up and read it.

  2. Very exciting things happening with all the Hydra authors!! 🙂

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