One little, two little, three little space pirates…. SFFS 8-18

Well, if you’ve been following the TRIAD snippets, you know that space pirates are on the horizon, and at least one space battle is bound to ensue.

The snippet today is from one of those battles, one which has a costly ending for the young alliance of the Khimeyr, Solarii and Dragonfleet. But when you stand to lose it all, there’s nothing else to do but fight:

Unfortunately, the pirate weapons were heavier, causing greater damage. Both Pomeroy’s and Catava’s ships took hits which sent them out of the rotation on long ellipses, taking time to recover before rejoining the battle. Trezanna made a run herself, feeling her heart pound as she passed between the lines of fire, trading shot for shot, the roar of the weapons under her rumbling through her feet, her ship bouncing around as her shields bore the brunt of the assault.

Passing behind them to circle round, she avoided most of the fire from the rear turrets and headed back toward the front in a smooth arc. McKinley’s Amazon launched one of the prototype weapons at the pirate ship nearest, and Trezanna was thrilled to see it penetrate the shields and hit the hull with such force it seemed palpable even inside her cockpit. Winston and Hussard tag-teamed the other Arkosian ship, taking turns on the offensive, blasting, then darting quickly aside. Xiu followed them in, but as Trezanna watched, suddenly swung wide, making a large detour around the pirates. A glance at rear sensors revealed eight ships coming at great speed along the route the pirates had come.

More pirates?

Who’d fooled who here?

Read more about the book at the tab above. Several other snippets from this book have been posted in weeks and months past; please do check them out! TRIAD is available now from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. , at, Barnes and, and through most other sources. Order it in paperback from your local indie bookstore. (Yay, indie bookstores!!)

For more science fiction and fantasy snippets to round out your Saturday, check the main page at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, and find little bits of stories from SFF authors from around the globe!

And a bonus–here’s a sneak peak of 2013’s HORIZON SHIFT–first in a sci-fi series beginning next year!  Can’t wait till this series rolls out because I love these characters. 🙂   I know you will too.

BLURB: Captain Temms Rogers uses a bit of untested alien technology to escape a  space battle, nearly destroying his ship in the process. When he wakes up, he discovers his crew decimated, his ship badly damaged, and he has no idea where he is. Even once he gets his equipment working again, he finds himself in an area of space no one of his faction—maybe his whole race—has ever been before. Lost, and alone.
Not quite alone.
His former commander Jal Burko, bent on revenge, hasn’t given up the fight, determined to punish Rogers for the rebellion he led. Desperate, the clock ticking, Rogers enlists an assortment of people to help him rebuild and repair his ship, many of them misfits who deserve a second chance, each with a special talent to share: a runaway bride, a
17-year old navigation whiz sold into slavery, a cocky xenophobic engineer, a pair of genetically engineered lizard-humans. He even finds a friend aboard he never expected.  A chance meeting with an economic power called the Consortium brings Rogers powerful friends, and the key to putting the clues together. But the appearance of a strange autistic boy, abandoned in the Doubtful‘s cargo bay, becomes the catalyst that may save the ship and its crew from
Burko’s single-minded hatred when all else fails.

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  1. Always have to keep your eyes peeled for those ambushes…

  2. Love the intricacies of space battle. Great descriptions!

  3. “No battle plan survives beyond the first encounter with the enemy.”

  4. I’m with JC. Love how detailed, but comprehensible the battle movements were! And the extra tidbit was a great bonus! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks, all! I’m no pilot, but I’ve honed my imaginary space battles for a long time in our online RPG…I think about it in pretty basic terms, so I’m glad the explanation comes across. Fighting in 3-D is always a challenge. 🙂

  6. Gotta love a space battle

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