You know what they say about a woman scorned…SFFS for August 4

This week, we have another excerpt from TRIAD, introducing the third commander, Estrella Drake of Dragonfleet. She is, shall we say, volatile?  Nothing a regular dose of psychotropic meds couldn’t handle, but she doesn’t believe in such things. All she wants is to be the ruler of the universe. Is it so much to ask?

Estrella Drake tapped the tip of her carved black dagger on the wooden table, trying to comprehend the implications of the Khimeyr return. Luca Strada and his people, incapable of living under her rule, now enjoyed Solarii hospitality?

It made no sense.

The tapping grew more agitated until the dagger actually stuck into the tabletop. The petite brunette growled and leaped to her feet, hurling her cup behind the bar, where it broke with a satisfying crash.

Her early morning patrol of the borders of Solarii space had revealed the presence of  Khimeyr ships. The blaze of her anger had burned so hot that none of her people had dared venture uninvited into her private chambers.

A black leather jumpsuit held her slim body close, the familiar feel comforting her. The broad mirror on the far wall reflected the flash in her dark eyes, her hair pixie cut so she required little physical maintenance, unlike the other social butterflies of the Dragonfleet females. She looked like she meant business, all the way to the tips of her polished black boots.

Does she play well with others? I can assure you she does not.

Read more about the book at the tab above. Several other snippets from this book have been posted in weeks and months past; please do check them out!  TRIAD is available now from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. , at, Barnes and, and through most other sources. Order it in paperback from your local indie bookstore. (Yay, indie bookstores!!)

For more science fiction and fantasy snippets to round out your Saturday, check the main page at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, and find little bits of stories from SFF authors from around the globe!

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  1. Great stuff…and I definitely would want to enter her chambers either… 😉

  2. Her description brings images of the female leader of the Peacekeepers from Farscape to mind. Yes, I think volatile is a fitting description for her. Good snippet!

  3. Wonder what she’s compensating for?

  4. Oh, I like this gal already. (Stabbing things is the best way to work out a problem, IMHO)

  5. See? That’s what I think, too. Stabbing tends to create, shall we say, a PERMANENT solution…. 🙂 Thanks all for stopping by!

  6. You’ve got great character details here. Both her appearance and temperament are clear. She’s just the kind of hotheaded, impatient character that I like! More, please.

  7. Patrick means Grayza *grins*
    Nice visuals.

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