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Space pirates. What else do you need to say? SFFS for July 28

Trezanna Len (front), with Estrella and Catava, the three women commanders of TRIAD

Today’s snippet is a bit from the space adventure TRIAD. The Solarii are a small colony of Terran descendants, led by former Space Command officer Trezanna Len. Life is hard on the raggedy edge of space, and becomes near impossible when the Arkosian space pirates decide they’d like to have what the Solarii have. But Trezanna and her people don’t intend to make that fight an easy one:

Trezanna focused closely on the screen as the overhead lights dimmed. Other than the command post, the attack hadn’t damaged anything crucial. Seven ships occupied the air space directly over the base, four pirate ships, three of theirs. The Solarii ships, the Whirlwind, the Tiboron, and the Blaze, smaller and more maneuverable, circled the larger pirate ships like wild dogs, taking bites out of their hulls with each pass.

Running a hand through her hair to knock loose tiny bits of plasteel and krete, Trezanna tuned the controls, trying to catch the frequency her fighters were using. Barely able to hear at first, she leaned in close, the blue light from the screen dimly illuminating her face and body. Static phased in, then sharpened to a war whoop.

“Beat it, Winston, she’s gonna blow!” came the triumphant voice of Shelby Hussard, the spitfire teacher-turned-pilot of the Tiboron.

“Cheeky bit.” Monty Winston swerved the Whirlwind from its path, swinging wide to avoid the coming explosion.


Read more about the book at the tab above.  TRIAD is available now from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. , at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and through most other sources. Order it in paperback from your local indie bookstore. (Yay, indie bookstores!!)

For more science fiction and fantasy snippets to round out your Saturday, check the main page at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, and find little bits of stories from SFF authors from around the globe!

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