It’s hard to be the queen’s mate… SFFS for June 9

This is a snippet from THE ELF CHILD, where the elf Astan struggles with his family obligations as well as his new relationship with the elf queen, Jelani. He’s at odds with his father, abandoned by his mother, and he’s got issues, like we all have. 

Alone now on the mountain top, Astan felt the cold wind sting his eyes. Was his mother out there somewhere? He’d heard stories of her at the knees of the wise females of the Circle, a neris said to be of strong magic and dark promise. If they found her, would it change their lives? Would Daven find a new reason to live?

Might he leave Jelani to Astan to teach, then, as any nian would his partner?

His eyes scouted the horizon in all directions, slowly, as he wondered what eyes he would need to see far enough to find Veraena. Then he started back down the mountain, hoping Jelani’s sadness had passed.

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  1. Intriguing snippet – I want to know more of the history leading to this point.

  2. A lot of questions I want answers to.

  3. Good snippet. Definitely a lot of questions here that need to be resolved.

  4. Very intriguing snippet.

  5. Haunting; lonely; love the mood here! Lots of insight into both the character and situation.s


  6. Something to ponder about. I can feel the nagging questions. Good stuff.

  7. Good snippet! I wonder if all of his questions will be answered to his liking.

  8. A lot of questions for the reader as well as for Astan.

  9. A snippet with the charateron the cusp of a change, vey nice.

  10. Very good tease. Really draws the reader into the story.

  11. Lots of questions as others mentioned. Hopefully he’ll find the answers.

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