SFFS snippet– Some people just don’t play well with others…

Today we have another snippet from five-star review book TRIAD. We’ve seen that the Khimeyr aren’t too happy about working with the “uppity” Solarii…. Apparently the feeling’s mutual, if Monty Winston’s any example.

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 “Bloody hell. Make nice with the Khimeyr? What she thinks I am, blasted Welcome Buggie?” His black leather coat, knee-length, whooshed as his strong legs carried him down the hall. The place was already cluttered with old sacks, hunks of metal and other Khimeyr trash. He even imagined the wing smelled bad. He didn’t like it.

“Hush, Monty,” Shelby Hussard chided.

“Don’t you hush me!” Winston took pity on his young companion, her legs too short to match his strides, and slowed down. She cleaned up pretty, dressed in plain clothes for the occasion, her dark blonde hair loose about her shoulders; looked like a Welcome Wendy, all right. But nothing she was wearing would stop a bloody Khimeyr bullet, if they felt unfriendly. And he’d never known anyone that came from Miramar to be anything but unfriendly.

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  1. Love the dialogue!

  2. I liked the line that she looked like a “welcome Wendy”. Not sure exactly what that is but I get the gist and it’s a creative way to say it. Some nice descriptions, especially how she’s dressed won’t stop a bullet. Great snippet.

  3. Nice scene. Gotta watch for those unfriendly greetings.

  4. Doesn’t sound like Miramar is even a nice place to visit. Good snippet.

  5. Good dialogue…enjoyed this snippet.

  6. Your dialog is always so great! Snappy and full of characterization. LOVE it!

  7. Nice scene – great dialogue too!

  8. Great scene, and agreed, great dialogue. And I can totally empathize with about her height…dunno why everyone has to walk with great big strides… 🙂

  9. Making friendly with someone you think of primarily as an enemy is never easy. I forgot to sign up, BTW, but I’m here. http://jarnianconfederation.wordpress.com/

  10. The combination of the dialogue with their movement down the hall, and the accompanying details, makes for a great snippet. You can feel that SOMETHING is going to happen.

  11. cpsingleton42

    Damn! I just won two free tickets for a weekend of fun in Miramar! Just my luck! Great snippet!!

  12. Hahaha! Chris you made me laugh…. Thanks for coming by, all!

  13. I love how you work the slang and worldbuilding in. You have a strong Voice.

  14. Always hard when sworn enemies have to work together.

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