SFFS snippet for March 3, 2012–enjoy!

Today’s snippet is from TRIAD, my new science fiction novel that you can read more about if you click the tab above. It was released last month by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.  This scene takes place after a former enemy ship arrives at the Solarii base. Monty Winston’s been dispatched by the Solarii commander to check out the ship.

Winston’s opinion of Khimeyr bravery (or was it foolhardiness?) increased as he studied the ragtag fleet. Likely held together with stretchy bands and baling wire, if he’d had to guess. Choosing one of the better candidates, the name Odyssey painted on its side, he started up the shadowed ramp. He avoided the piles of debris outside the hatch and continued into the cockpit, which he found dimly-lit and empty. He spoke to the computer without response. Manual access yielded a couple of blinks from the control panel lights. He leaned over the pilot’s seat to key in a test launch pattern, frowning when the sequence didn’t work. “What a rotting piece of crap.”

”Don’t move.” Cold metal touched the back of his neck. The voice was female, its edge as sharp as her blade. “What do you think you’re doing in my ship?”

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  1. Ooops! Maybe he should have asked permission first.

  2. Dissing her ship isn’t the most auspicious start to their relationship!
    Looking forward to more.

  3. Looks like he picked the wrong ship. So is he gonna get fried?

  4. Oopsie, indeed. Curious to learn more now…

  5. Never insult somebody else’s ship, especially if you don’t know the owner. I’m left wondering what’s going to happen next.

  6. i totally didn’t expect the girl to answer. I’m really excited to see how this scene continues to play out. This doesn’t seem to be the best way to start a any relationship. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Fleet or ship? He doesn’t seem to have made a very good start with the ship’s captain.

  8. “Stretchy bands and bailing wire.” Love it! And, hooray for my ‘to-read’ book pile that continues to grow ever larger. Can’t wait to read the rest.

  9. Thanks for stopping by, all! 🙂

  10. Ooh, great snippet! I love his attitude towards the ship, lol!

  11. Love the tension. He’s in trouble. Question is whether she’ll find his answer acceptable.

  12. Never a good thing when you feel a cold blade against your neck…hope he’s a smooth talker!

  13. I love the visual of the rag tag fleet. Great meeting of H/h!

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